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Getting the perfect SANTANA sound.

Updated: Jan 12

Gutarist Michael Hernandez and Bassist/Lead Singer Steve Garland grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and came up in some of the same clubs Carlos Santana himself did. In the 70's when Santana burst on the Scene with a one of a kind sound. Micheal spend years perfecting the Santana guitar "tone" and the latin rock solos. Meantime Steve was busy mastering the Santana Bass parts and vocal styles.

As they met, jammed and formed the nucleus of the band, they searched for others who were as talented as the different members of Santana itself.

The result is the VIVA SANTANA SHOW.

You'll hear the killer sound and guitar solos of Carlos, the soaring vocals of their hits, the latin rhythm of drums, congas and timbales that make your feet move, that sweet B-3 Organ and those keyboard solos you love- and all the other sounds including a horn section and female guest singer- that complete the 8 years of rehearsing and playing together this band brings to the stage every time they perform!

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